Robot in action

In the below video we can see the object avoiding Robot and how it is changing its direction either by sensing my hand or the walls in its way. The principle behind this object avoiding robot is very simple. Notice the ultrasonic sensor, which look like eyes at the front of the robot.  You might know about ultrasonic diagnosis. We use a similar principle here. One of the eyes is an ultrasonic source that shoots an ultrasonic pulse, in simple words a sound wave. If this sound wave hits any object in its way like my hand or the wall, it gets reflected. Then the second eye listens to this reflected echo of the sound wave. If there is no object in the vicinity of the sound wave we sent, nothing comes back to the second eye. I will explain in the next post how the Robot is able to change its direction after detecting an object in its way.

PS: Sorry for the shaking of video. It shows my video editing inexperience.

PPS: Please give your feedback.


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